Block H: Cambridge Street and Carver Street

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Sheffield City Council invites you to comment on proposals for the next phase (Block H2 and H3: Cambridge Street and Carver Street) of Heart of the City II.

Prior to the submission of planning applications, we want to inform key stakeholders and local residents about the proposals and give them an opportunity to contribute to our final plans.

The pre-application consultation period will run from 12 March to 28 April 2020.

The situation with Covid-19 means that we are unable to hold public drop-in sessions as part of this consultation. A meaningful consultation should provide the opportunity for genuine dialogue. We are committed to providing this opportunity even if we can’t meet face-to-face.

To find out more about these proposals, you can view our consultation boards here or view our short information film below.

Please note the consultation has now closed. 

Introducing the next phase

The next plans to be unveiled in Heart of the City II are for the Block H site – located between Wellington Street, Carver Street and Cambridge Street.

This site features some of the most interesting historic buildings within the masterplan area, including two listed buildings – Leah’s Yard and the Bethel Sunday School. With this interesting history, the intention is for Block H to truly become a cultural and social meeting place.

The emerging proposals for this block now showcase the retention of far more original architecture than envisaged in previous versions of the masterplan. Plans now include the preservation and sympathetic restoration of the quality fabric and façades along Cambridge Street and Wellington Street, including the listed Bethel Sunday School and Leah’s Yard, as well as the Bethel Chapel and the buildings that formerly housed Brewhouse and Henry’s. The historic buildings fronting these streets will be kept with internal adaptations and reconstruction carried out where necessary to bring them back into use.

The Block H proposals are split into three distinct elements (H1, H2 and H3). See plan below for the location of each element.

H Plan Map

Cambridge Street Collective – a cultural gathering of Sheffield’s best flavours, sights and sounds

The block known as Cambridge Street Collective (H3) is all about creating spaces for people to meet, socialise, eat, drink and be entertained.

Proposals for H3 include a large, stripped-back, industrial-style space, which will be ideally suited to a food hall or similar sociable, communal offer. This space incorporates the historic character of the Bethel Sunday School, the former Brewhouse venue and the building currently occupied by DINA. It will also include a more modern structure sitting behind this to enclose a gathering space, using sympathetic materials to the existing buildings.

Wrapping this large space will be complementary shops, a bar and restaurant, and an upper level leisure space. Next to the communal hall offer will be the renovated Bethel Chapel, with plans for this to become a live music venue.

Public access to this block will be via a pedestrianised spill out/arrival square to the north of the development, plus the modern ‘Arrival Building’ on Backfields and entrances from Cambridge Street through Bethel Walk and the building currently occupied by DINA. Access to the additional retail and leisure elements of H3 is from Cambridge Street, Wellington Street and Backfields.


H2 – a visually striking, low carbon office development

Proposals for H2 include a new, dark coloured building offering c.70,000 sq ft of Grade A office space, split across seven upper floors and boasting an impressive south facing roof terrace. The ground floor will provide individual retail or food and beverage units.

Recognising the need for this scheme to set the bar in terms of environmentally sustainable development, H2 is designed to minimise operational energy, emitting around 40% less carbon than a typical Building Regulations compliant design.


Heritage engagement

Block H includes some of the most valued heritage assets within the Heart of the City II masterplan area, including two listed buildings. As such, consideration of heritage issues and engagement with heritage organisations has been a key part of the design process.

At a local level, we held a series of engagement meetings with representatives of Joined Up Heritage Sheffield and Hallamshire Historic Buildings, in order to listen to their views on the site’s significance and share the emerging design proposals.

Commenting on the proposals for H2 and H3, Nick Roscoe of Hallamshire Historic Buildings, said:

“Sheffield City Council should be commended for taking this enlightened and forward-thinking approach to the interesting range of buildings that we can see on Cambridge Street and Wellington Street today.

“They have brought in first class architects and consulted carefully with stakeholders to make the most of these precious heritage assets. This is a project to be proud of and an approach we hope to see followed again.”

We have also engaged with Historic England to share our design proposals and seek their advice. Their pre-application advice to us, issued at the start of April 2020, included the following summary:

“We welcome the proposed concept for blocks H2 and H3. We consider the scheme provides an opportunity to regenerate the site in a manner that retains the historic character of the area, complementing it with high quality modern additions. The proposals now retain much more of the historic fabric in this area. From the information we have seen so far, the scheme offers an exciting opportunity to provide new uses for the retained buildings by developing the block as an entity and introducing high quality new elements to increase the versatility of the different spaces.”